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Rug Cleaning couldn’t be easier…

Rugs are a smaller version of carpets. People use rugs for many different purposes. Rugs may be used in the kitchen that is tiled so that there is a place to stand and cook or do the washing up. In the bedroom, they may be used next to the bed so that people have a comfortable place to sink their feet into as soon as they get out of bed. In the bathroom, they can be used next to the bath or around the toilet. In the lounge, you may find them in the centre of the room, either to add a pop of colour to the room, or as a place to keep the coffee table on. Either way, regardless

of why you have them or where you have them, they are great accessories to have. However, over time, you may find that they start to look lifeless and feel rough and unpleasant. This is a sign that they should be cleaned. If you do not know how to clean your rug, contact Clean Carpets today on 020 3397 8287. We offer a variety of cleaning services (including rug cleaning services) that will able to get your rug looking and feeling as good as new!

Rug Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Colliers Wood SW19

Carpet Cleaners
Bedroom carpet £18 £17
Livingroom carpet £27 £22
Kitchen carpet £12 £11
Kitchen diner carpet £28 £26
Carpet cleaning
Landing £6 £5
Hallway £12 £11
Through Lounge £40 £36

Over time, as we use them, rugs accumulate dirt. This can come off of our clothes, shoes and feet. This will then penetrate deep into the fibres of the rug, which will then become too deep to be cleaned and removed by vacuuming alone. This is why they need to be cleaned in a way that is able to access each and every last particle of dirt. This can be done by using specialised machines and cleaning products, which we all have access to.

Our team is qualified and has been trained further, meaning that they know all that needs to be known about rugs. Our team know about the different rug materials, textures and fibres. This means that they know exactly how to tackle each and every type of rug. They will also be able to reduce and remove stains which are highly undesirable. They will also know exactly how to go about cleaning the specific type of rug without damaging it or fading the colours of it.

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Another factor which affects whether people hire our services or not is price. This is something that is a no brainer really. If a service sounds good but costs too much, people will refrain from using it. However, is a service sounds good and is reasonably priced too, people will go ahead and use it. This is the theory that we apply to our prices, which is why you will find that our prices are and will always remain low. This is why so many people come to us rather than other companies, which of course is good news for us.

Clean rugs are great to have, since they look, feel and smell fresh and clean. However, sometimes getting them clean is something that people do not do. They neglect their rugs and this is something that does not help at all. Only by ensuring that your rugs are regularly cleaned will you be able to make the most of them, thus getting your money’s worth.

If you would like our dedicated members of staff to come and clean your rugs, call us today on 020 3397 8287. You will find that there is no better company than Clean Carpets to handle and deal with your rug cleaning needs.

Our Testimonials
Grace 23/02/2019
Clean Carpets has been offering rug cleaning for me, and it is always a sight to behold at the end of the service. They are true maestros in the job. I am happy to have known them.
Kelvin F. 19/11/2019
Clean Carpets is the best cleaning company, especially in London.
Lexy G. 18/09/2019
Clean Carpets cleans my rugs for me. They do not leave an untouched spot.
Damian G. 18/05/2019
The best rug cleaning company to ever set foot in the area is Clean Carpets. They clean to their level best.
GANA H. 16/07/2019
Clean Carpets has cleaners that are so kind and courteous. They never disappoint. They have been working for me.
G. Harry 16/03/2019
The best thing about Clean Carpets is that you do not have to break your bank for their cleaning services. They offer rug cleaning at very affordable prices. I witnessed this when I was living in London some time back. I would hire again.
Gina F. 14/04/2019
Clean Carpets are a true rug cleaning professional. I love working with them. They always have something to impress you.
Giddy G. 10/10/2019
It has been quite some time since I last hired Clean Carpets. However, the cleaners did an excellent job for my rug cleaning when I hired.
Sam 10/01/2019
Clean Carpets has been my rug cleaning company for quite a long time now. Their services are always in point. My carpets are always clean.
GUSTAVO G. 01/11/2019
Clean Carpets is miles better than all other rug cleaning companies.