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Where can you find the perfect carpet cleaners?

Finding the perfect carpet cleaners can be a tough decision to make. There are so many cleaning companies, each claiming to offer the best cleaning services. So how exactly is one supposed to hire the perfect service? Well for one, you need to hire a cleaning company that is well established, trusted amongst the region and offers the perfect services for you at a reasonable price. It may seem too good to be true to find a company that fits all of these points, but believe it or not, companies like that do exist. Want to know which company? – Clean Carpets! That’s right, we offer a variety of cleaning services, from carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning that is priced competitively and is offered by the perfect members of staff. For more information or an instant quote, call 020 3397 8287 right now and speak to one of our friendly members of staff who will be able to assist you in every way.

Carpet Cleaners in London

Carpet Cleaning Prices in Colliers Wood SW19

Carpet Cleaners
Bedroom carpet £18 £17
Livingroom carpet £27 £22
Kitchen carpet £12 £11
Kitchen diner carpet £28 £26
Carpet cleaning
Landing £6 £5
Hallway £12 £11
Through Lounge £40 £36

Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis. This is for many different reasons (some of which people forget to think about). The main reason is hygiene- carpets accumulate a lot of dirt over time, which simply cannot be removed by vacuuming alone (especially since dirt accumulates deep into the fibres over time). This is very important for everyone, especially if you have young children who spend a lot of time on the carpet, or pets who have a tendency to drag in bacteria, dirt and microorganisms that can cause infection. Cleaning carpets on a regular basis is the perfect way of keeping your floors hygienic and organism free, which will promote the health of yourself and your family. Another reason many people like to get their carpets cleaned is to improve the touch and appearance of their carpets.

Carpets can lose their vibrant colours over time and can feel rougher than they did when they were first purchased. This can make your carpet, and the room which they are in look very unattractive and unappealing, which is undesirable. Cleaning carpets regularly will eliminate all dirt, thus bringing out the natural colours of your carpet, which will make them look more attractive. Additionally, the removal of dirt will also make your carpets softer, allowing you to enjoy walking on your carpets again. Being able to sink your feet into a soft, clean, fluffy carpet is one of the best feelings and there is no reason for you not to be able to experience it.

London Cleaners

If you wish to have your carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners, definitely give us a call on 020 3397 8287. Our carpet cleaners are professional and highly trained. They know all there is to know about the typed of carpet, fibres and how they should be cleaned. They also know about the methods and products that should and should not be used according to the type of carpet that you have. This means that you do not have to worry about your carpet fading or becoming damaged during the cleaning process. Our prices are competitive and will leave you smiling – we check and evaluate our prices occasionally to ensure that our customers are not paying too much for our services.


This allows us to stay cheap and remain to be one of the favourite carpet cleaning companies around! Don’t throw out your old carpet – bring back its natural beauty by having cleaned by one of our professional, highly trained and friendly members of staff. Think clean carpets - think Clean Carpets!

Our Testimonials
Elizabeth M. 22/03/2019
I cannot believe how gorgeous my carpet is. I hired the carpet cleaners, and they just completed their first visit, and I could not be happier with them. I would very much recommend their services.
Peter T. 19/11/2019
I have been hiring these carpet cleaners before, and their readiness, tackle any kind of cleaning activity, is what makes me love them. Would recommend to anyone.
Gretchen 19/05/2019
Clean Carpets did an incredible job with my carpet cleaning. They managed to remove all of the stains, and it looks almost new! They also have some of the best prices.
Beatrice 16/09/2019
That is the cleaning company that handles all of the office cleanings at my building. They do great work; their carpet cleaners are fast and professional. I would recommend them.
Erica Crawley 16/08/2019
After a big party, I hired Clean Carpets cleaners to do a deep cleaning at my flat. They did a fantastic job and are reasonably priced. I will be using them for all of my cleaning needs.
Holly 15/02/2019
I could not believe how clean my carpet was after Clean Carpets cleaners did their magic. You could eat off the rug. It looks amazing. I will be hiring them again shortly.
Ophelia M. 10/11/2019
My upstairs carpeting got trashed during my daughter's birthday party. A flat full of rambunctious 10-year-olds resulted in quite a few stains. I hired these carpet cleaners because they had cheaper rates than the others I called.
Nick H. 07/11/2019
The carpet cleaners went above my expectations they managed to clean my rugs when other company considered it out of scope for them. Nice job. Would highly recommend.
Sheena H. 04/07/2019
These are amazing carpet cleaners. They are contracted by many of my neighbours and handle all of my cleaning needs as well.
Stanley 04/01/2019
The level of dedication shown by these cleaners is remarkable. They do an excellent job and are very well-trained. Honestly, some of the best carpet cleaners in the entire area.