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Dry Steam Carpet Cleaning Service in London

There are so many different methods employed by various cleaning companies that involves the use of inferior detergents or leave your carpets completely saturated. For that reason we only make use of our unique dry steam carpet cleaning. This system gives proven results and enables you to use the areas immediately once we have finished cleaning them. Clean Carpets is the one London cleaning company who knows how to get perfect results using this hi-tech method of cleaning. Using steam to clean is the perfect way to get dirt from deep within the fibres; if you would like more details as to this special cleaning method dial 020 3397 8287 and chat to our consultants.


Carpet Cleaning Prices in Colliers Wood SW19

Carpet Cleaners
Bedroom carpet £30 £28.50
Livingroom carpet £39 £37.50
Kitchen carpet £17.50 £15
Kitchen diner carpet £37.50 £35
Carpet cleaning
Landing £10 £8.50
Hallway £17 £15.50
Through Lounge £51 £49.50
London Cleaners

Carpets in any home should be cleaned a minimum of twice a year, naturally if you have pets then it might be necessary to increase the number of appointments. For office areas, our cleaners will do dry steam carpet cleaning 2-3 times per week to ensure that your high traffic areas are kept perfectly clean at all times. This will create a perfectly pristine office environment which is vitally important for the productivity of your company. Moreover, even though we are using steam to get your carpets clean, our detergents have been designed to work in perfect unison with this cleaning method. The ensuing fragrant aroma is just as pleasant as this non-abrasive procedure. We are very proud to offer our clients this innovative means of getting dirt and grime removed from every surface of their home. Besides your carpets, we are also able to use this procedure on the cleaning of upholstery, sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning. In fact, if it is covered in some type of fabric we are the company you want to call on for assistance.


The more you have your upholstered items “washed” the more risk there is that you could end up with your items being discoloured. It is with this in mind that we decided to employ the use of a dry steam carpet cleaning method that we find so effective. The additional benefit is that the heat from the cleaning process also acts as a sanitizer, therefore, we do not have to use any chemicals or harsh detergents to get your carpets germ free. Plus, if you have any pets or small children, you can safely let them use the area immediately after it has been cleaned. When you choose any of our services as per our website list, you will be getting expert advice and cleaners who all know exactly how to safely get your carpeting cleaned. Moreover, we have the best ways to keep your upholstered items stain free, we are able to tell you precisely how to immediately handle spills that occur.

This is the website you need to go to for any carpet related cleaning questions. If you have never had your carpeting professionally cleaned, it may show; we are certain that after you see the results after letting our cleaners dry steam carpet cleaning services be carried out. This is a wonderful option for anyone who has expensive or antique carpets as the steam will plump up the fibres and add vibrancy to the colour once again. As to where you can get these superior cleaning methods;

call 020 3397 8287 today and get the best London cleaners. Clean Carpets is one name we are sure you will hear mentioned time and again. We truly are a modern cleaning company who searches for innovative ways to safely do our cleaning tasks; we care about our clients and the environment. We believe that how a company treats their clients and surroundings speaks volumes about their employees and services.


Our Testimonials
Hamish A 2022/10/15
I don't know what they did exactly in their efforts to leave me with a clean carpet. But whatever they did for me worked brilliantly well. I can't thank them enough.
K. Livingstone 2022/10/09
Their carpet cleaning treatments and techniques worked brilliantly well. It was something of a transformation. I'm so glad I got them around and I'll be doing so again.
P. Baxter 2022/10/09
These carpet cleaners went to the effort of cleaning deep within the fibres. It wasn't just a surface clean. I got a lot for my money when I hired them.
Jane A 2022/09/27
I thought it'd cost me an arm and a leg to get a clean carpet, the state it was in. Hiring [COMPANY NAME] and getting the situation sorted, was remarkably cheap. I thank my lucky stars that I came across this firm when I did.

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