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There are some people who never clean their carpets. They simply replace them after a few years and then do the again a few years after. That’s fair enough – after all, it is their carpet and therefore their choice. However, there are a few reasons why carpets should be cleaned, which people often ignore or neglect. However, we at Clean Carpets know these reasons, which is why we have the perfect services to clean your carpets. If you would like an instant quote, or just wish to know more about these services, give us a call right away on 020 3397 8287 and speak to one of our dedicated, friendly, professional members of staff who will be able to assist you with all your needs and enquiries

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Carpets can accumulate a lot of dirt over time. Whether this is mud from the bottom of your shoes or just general dust that gathers on your carpet, it can seep deep into the fibres of your carpet, which makes it difficult to be removed. Vacuuming will remove some of the dirt which is why we recommend vacuuming on a regular basis, but it will not be able to remove the dirt that is deep down (especially if you have a “fluffy” carpet). This is why we recommend that you get your carpets cleaned. Cleaning carpets will allow the accumulated dirt to be penetrated and removed, leaving your carpet fibres clean and soft to the touch (something that we all like the feeling of). So, one of the main reasons you should get your carpets cleaned is hygiene.

The second most important reason is appearance. Carpets can lose their appearance over time (due to the accumulation of dirt, oils etc.), which makes them look unattractive. The thing with carpets is that a dull looking carpet can make even the trendiest and most stylish rooms look unattractive, which is highly undesirable. By cleaning your carpets, you will be able to bring out the best in your carpet, which will once again allow your room (and carpet of course) to look attractive and stylish. Finally, another common reason for cleaning is to remove stains. We have a tendency of dropping things on our carpets – it’s almost as if it were a part of our DNA!

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Whether it is a red wine stain, or a crayon stain that was created by your very own mini Picasso, they do make a carpet look unattractive, which is undesirable. Having your carpets cleaned will allow carpet cleaners to remove these stains (or at least fade them to the point where they are not very noticeable), bringing out the naturally beauty of your carpet again. If these reasons are not a good reason to clean your carpets, then what is?

Our carpet cleaning services are offered and carried out by the most professional, enthusiastic and qualified cleaners you can imagine. We ensure that our cleaners are trained on a regular basis, to ensure that they are professional and work at a high standard. It also allows us to make sure that our members of staff are on top of the latest cleaning machines etc. They are also educated on the different types of carpets, the different fibres and how each should be cleaned. They also know about the many different cleaners that can be used and the surfaces that they should and should not be used on. All of this means that they will be able to handle your carpet cleaning needs in a way that is not going to negative affect your carpet – no fading, no damage or anything! Just fresh, clean and soft carpet!

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Our Testimonials
R. Pentalow 2021/11/12
I want to say a massive thanks to this cleaning company. It's the third time I've hired them now, and once again, they did a fantastic job for me. This company has a great workforce of hard-working professionals that are consistently brilliant at what they do!
F. Lewis 2021/10/10
From the get go, I knew I'd hired the right cleaning company. Everything they did, and then the terrific service they carried out for me, made me think that.
Debora M. 2021/08/09
I'm not going to let my carpet get into such a state again, but if it ever does, their carpet cleaners will be the first team I call!
D. Hollingsworth 2021/07/08
I didn't even think about getting the end of tenancy cleaning sorted until the last minute. I thank my lucky stars that this company was available. If not, I'd have been in some trouble, would've had to wave goodbye to my deposit.

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