Office Cleaning: Keeping your Office in Chelsea Tidy

Posted on 06/01/2015

Keep Your Office Clean for Better Comfort

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With several people all using one space, it’s understandable that clutter – as well as dust and general grime – can build up in your office in Chelsea. Most offices now are hovered a couple of times a week, if not daily, by cleaning staff from a hired cleaning service. However, keeping personal spaces, like desks, clean and tidy, is also a matter of importance and often not the responsibility of cleaning staff. Nobody wants a smelly, sticky, untidy workspace, as this can often hinder productivity in the work place, as well as just being generally unpleasant. Here’s how you can keep your office tidy and maintain a clean workspace.

Everyone should be ‘in charge’ of their own workspace and desk in your office in Chelsea, SW3. At the end of each day, allow ten minutes for everyone carry out their own cleaning routine; they can pack away their equipment and organise their desktop items before they go home. This way, they can be confident they’ll have a tidy desk to come back to the next morning. Make sure each worker has their own pack of anti-bacterial, cleaning wipes assigned to each desk, which can be kept either on their desk itself or in a draw, and when they tidy their desk each day, encourage them to also give their space, including their computer keyboards, a wipe down. Although it’s unlikely that grime will build up in just one day, if they clean their desk daily, it will maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene.

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In addition, assign other small tasks to each employee. One person, for example, can water the plants; one can be in charge of emptying the office fridge of abandoned items; and another could wipe down communal cabinets.

Don’t eat at desks
Although sometimes tight deadlines and frantic workloads mean office workers have to eat their lunch at their desk, encourage them to eat in a designated eating area as often as possible. For example, if you have a kitchen area, check the company budget and invest in a large table, which you can easily wipe down. Not only does this prevent liquid and crumbs from falling onto their desk and computers, but it also gets them away from their computer screen for an hour, which is beneficial for not just mental wellbeing but also productivity. It can also give employees a chance to communicate, bond and share ideas, thus creating strong working relationships in your workplace in the SW10 area.

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Tidy as you go
The easiest way to prevent clutter from building up and becoming unmanageable is to tidy as you go. This means, if there’s any filing which needs to be done, don’t let people put it on the back-burner until later, as it can get forgotten; encourage them to file as they go. Assign one person the job of making sure all the files are in order each day.

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Investing in small, simple storage solutions can be hugely affective in keeping desks in your Chelsea office clean and clutter-free. Items such as pencil holders and miniature sets of draws to keep paperclips, pens, pencils, erasers and other tiny office items all in one place not only keeps the desks tidy, it also means people can find these things easier and won’t have to borrow other peoples’. Ideally, keep as much clutter as possible away from the desks and encourage them to only have the items they need immediately to hand surrounding them. For example, books and notepads take up a great deal of workspace; keep these on a separate shelf along one wall of the office so save space on their desktop and to encourage them to stretch their legs if they need to use one.

Andy Smith
Andy Smith

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