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8 of The Dirtiest Places in Your Home

What is the Dirtiest Place in Your House?

Domestic cleaning

Often times house cleaning seems difficult because we don’t know what areas to actually clean. Many house cleaners miss key areas which makes their cleaning efforts lack any actual result. Here are the dirtiest places in your home which you can focus on when cleaning your home.

  • The Washing Machine – No, not in general. But people often times pile clothes inside and after a while it’s just an infestation of germs.

  • The Bathroom – Soap scum aside, the bathroom has many places that get really dirty if ignored – the shower, the sink, and even the floor because of the grout.

  • Electronic Appliances – Imagine how often you use your computer mouse. That’s touching it after walking in from literally everywhere. Food for thought?

  • The Sink – This is one of the dirtiest places in all homes. The germ concentration in the sink is about 50% more than in any other place in the home.

  • Home Office – If you have one, then you know how rarely it is cleaned. That means a lot of dust mites and germs.

  • Knobs and Switches – You open doors and flip switches all day long, no matter if your hands are clean or dirty. And they are not cleaned all that often!

  • The Kitchen – It’s a shame that the kitchen is such a problematic area with mould all around, but it holds quite a lot of moisture unless you have a really powerful absorber.

  • Your Hands – No matter how dirty everything else in the house is, remember – you are the one who touches it all the time. That makes your hands a really dangerous thing!

Focus on the dirty places in the house and make sure you have covered them all whenever you endeavour in house cleaning. Proper organisation of your cleaning priorities will leave you with a much cleaner house than you have imagined. Many places that you never thought were problematic are now handled and you are in for a treat when you take care of them more thoroughly. This is what separates the home cleaners from the professional cleaners – the latter know how to provide efficient services and ones that guarantee results.

Prioritising your home cleaning chores will make handling all rooms that much easier. Handle the domestic cleaning on a room-by-room basis and work thoroughly through every room before moving to the next. Always have a list of things you think you might forget while cleaning and browse it whenever you are done with a room – that will ensure you go through all the areas of a room and you will not miss a single problematic spot.

Don’t miss a spot and you will have the cleanest of homes!

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