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The Clapham Supermarket Cleaning Products that Can Be Replaced
24Oct 2014

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Cleaning our houses in Clapham is, most often, not something we actually enjoy doing. After all, there are thousands of things much more interesting than that to do with your time, right? And yet, when the time comes, avoiding your house cleaning chores will only lead to much more dirt gathering up – and that’s precisely when you will know that you have to do something about it.

Naturally, you will search for the very best cleaning products on the market in Clapham, SW11. Of course, there are products for almost every type of stain and for almost every type of surface, but did you know that many of these very expensive cleaners can be actually replaced with inexpensive items you most likely have in your home already? Save yourself the money and the trouble of going down to the supermarket by following these tips!

floor cleaning

1.    Floor and Tile Cleaning Products
If you don’t have any floor or tile cleaning product left in your home, don’t go down to the supermarket just yet! You can use white vinegar and it will be as great as any of the store products out there! Simply mix it with water (half-half usually works best) and mop your floors with it. Not only will this clean off the stains and sanitise the area, but it will also help your floors re-gain their shine. However, make sure you don’t use vinegar on hardwood floors, as this will most likely ruin them.

ovem cleaners

2.    Oven Cleaning Products
Cleaning the oven is very frequently a very difficult task – and even more so if you haven’t done this in a while. If you don’t have any kind of oven cleaning products left in your home, you should know that there are at least 3 other products that can be used instead: baking soda, white vinegar and salt. Spray baking soda mixed with water on the oven and leave it soak for about half an hour before scrubbing off and repeating the process (if this is necessary, of course). Also, if the hardened spills you are trying to get rid of are very persistent, sprinkle baking soda on these spills and moisture them by spraying vinegar over the baking soda. Leave everything sit overnight and then sprinkle some salt over everything. Scrub using a rug or something that will not scratch the inside of your oven too badly.

bathroom cleaning

3.    Shower/Bathroom Build Up Removers
There are lots of bathroom cleaning products on the market as well – but most of them can be replaced with something as simple and basic as white vinegar. For instance, if you have to remove the build-up stains from your shower heard, simply leaving it soak in vinegar overnight should do the trick. Also, vinegar can be used for pretty much everything else in your bathroom.

carpet clean

4.    Carpet Cleaners
You will need carpet cleaning products in your home in the SW4 area, especially if your carpet forbids you to use water-based detergents on them. But if your carpets are “fine” with detergents, you can always use liquid detergent and even dish detergent to remove certain types of stains. Also, white vinegar (yes, white vinegar again) can help you restore the shine and brightness of your carpets’ colours as well.

There are many other household items you can successfully use in order to remove the stains and dirt in your house in Clapham. Generally speaking, white vinegar will be great with almost anything (except hardwood floors, marble, tile and stones – on which it may be too acidic). Aside from that, from clothes to carpets and from kitchen countertops to tiles, everything can be cleaned with vinegar.

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