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Office Cleaning in West Kensington - What is My duty?
23Nov 2013

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As a business owner in West Kensington you have a duty of care towards your staff. Not only that, but you have a need to make your business succeed, and you cannot do that without the help, hard work and support of the team of individuals that you employ. Maintaining a clean office ensures that there is one less distraction to working efficiently. An untidy, messy or dirty office can really destroy productivity and morale, so making sure your working environment is angled towards success is of the upmost importance. You owe it to yourself and your staff to provide an environment in which your business can thrive.

Make sure you hire a good cleaning contractor in West Kensington, W14 that you can rely on. Cleanliness is too important to just let things slide; you need to ensure that there are no distractions at any point and having a good cleaning contractor will make your life a lot easier. Keep an open dialogue with them to make sure they continue to meet the standards you expect, and if they don’t let them know and give them an opportunity to put things right.

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Be honest about the level of cleaning you require from your contractor – will one cleaner be able to keep your office tidy over a couple of hours a week, or would it be more beneficial (and necessary) to have someone on hand round-the-clock? Most cleaning companies can provide the level of cleaning you require and will be honest about what they, as professionals, would recommend. Don’t be afraid to over-order in terms of man hours at first, it will take your cleaner a little longer initially anyway as they find the best ways to go about cleaning a new environment and it is better to have an office that is too clean (is there such a thing?) than not clean enough.]

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Next, try to encourage staff to keep the office clean and tidy as they work – after all it is in their interests to have a neat and tidy working environment. Invest in storage and filing units and insist the staff use them regularly, so as not to have paper documentation misplaced, lost, or simply sat about the place looking untidy. Provide a social area for your staff to not only allow them to socialise on their breaks but also to discourage them from eating at their desks, which can not only make the office dirty quickly but will prevent them from recharging their concentration levels to be productive in the afternoon.

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Office plants can brighten the place up but left untended to can become a sight for sore eyes, so either designate someone to maintain them or stipulate this as a task for your cleaners. Nothing destroys morale more over the course of a working day than having a dying brown plant in your eye line as you work.

Communal areas tend to take the most punishment on a day-to-day basis, so think about consulting everyone on the prospect of a basic rota to keep these clean. For instance different teams could be made responsible for the loading and unloading the dishwasher on certain days if applicable. This grouping in together will get everyone involved in the maintenance of a happy and clean working environment in your W8 office.

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Finally, consult your staff on the odd occasion. Check they are happy with things – and not just once a year. Have an anonymous suggestion box for anything, not just the cleaning of your office in West Kensington. You want to achieve an office environment that breathes diligence and productivity, so keep your staff involved.

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