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How to Make Home Cleaning in Wandsworth Fun
15Jul 2015

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Let’s face it, fun and home clean in Wandsworth don’t really sit that well together, but maybe that is because you have never tried. You can save a lot of money on a night out if you get you and your flat mates to have a productive night in instead. Here are some tips to assigning different tasks and making a fun night out of a domestic clean.

• Call round whoever might be up for helping and let them know that their place will be next. This is a great idea if you are moving into a place in Wandsworth, SW8 or tackling an end of tenancy clean. Or just if you are in need of some serious home cleaning. Offer food and drinks and get some good music going. Having something to listen too can really lift everyone’s mood and get a productive team going on.

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• Make sure you can chat. You want to be able to catch up while you are cleaning so get together all in one room if you are finding it hard to communicate through walls. Find out what everyone enjoys doing. The great thing about people is that they are all different and a task that you hate such as oven cleaning may be something that your friend loves. So get everyone assigned a task for kitchen cleaning for example, Someone on oven, someone cleaning out cupboards and another on the floors and surfaces. The same with the living room perhaps. Put on your favourite movie so you can quote it as you go, put someone on skirting boards someone on carpet cleaning and another on upholstery cleaning. You will be utterly amazing at how fast things are going.

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• Discus your techniques. Everyone had different ways of tackling stains and areas of the home in SW11. You might find you learn something. From homemade recipes to little tricks to getting stains out of fabrics, swapping your ideas is a great idea.

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• Find out how everyone is getting on. Take breaks to check up on others as they go. You can even take a break from your job to help with someone’s else’s and take the time to swap if someone is struggling. Make sure everyone is still having fun and keep the drinks flowing to get everyone in the mood. Maybe you could plan something fun afterwards as a treat at the end of your clean, like play some tennis or go for a walk in the park.

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• Many hands make light work. When people have a big clean, a move out clean, or a particularity dirty home in the SW18 area. Then cleaning agencies are often the first place they turn. This can be costly and invasive on your home and there is absolutely no need for this at all. If there is enough of you tackling each room then you will be able to achieve professional results even if you are only armed with a bucket and sponge.

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• Go online. Check out different ways of cleaning different areas. It’s amazing what top tips you can find online that will help you tackle specific areas of your home in Wandsworth. Someone can read out what to do while the other one gets to works. Or have someone on duty to get in supplies that you might have run out of even if it is just snacks and drinks.

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Anything can really be made fun with friends, so you might as well enjoy all aspects of life by making them and excuse for a little party and a catch up. As long as you are there to help others then the chances are they will always be there to help you.

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