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How to Green Clean Your Home
24Jun 2016

domestic cleaning

Home cleaning has many aspects you can explore. The new fad is that proper green cleaning that cleaning services do. If you want to attempt to do it yourself, here are all the details you need.

Who benefits from green cleaning?

•    People – Better breathing is always a plus in everyday life. Then there is also the less bacteria and germs and lesser threats of diseases.
•    Animals – Many animals die just because they live in a bad environment. A good green clean might also prevent drawing in rodents and insects.
•    The Environment – Naturally, the planet benefits from it the most as it gets to provide us with luxurious nature and no contamination.

What to use?

•    Baking soda – As one of the universal home cleaners, baking soda will do wonders about the house. Its abrasive qualities take care of all sorts of rough surfaces and grease.
•    Vinegar – The other part of the universal home cleaners duo, vinegar succeeds where baking soda fails – with disinfecting and deep reaching.
•    Lemon juice – Another great disinfecting tool, with the added bonus of providing a fresh scent to everything cleaned with it.
•    Rubbing alcohol – Helpful when cleaning and disinfecting.
•    Essential oils – Whenever you are making specialised cleaners all you need to do is add essential oil and now your cleaner will leave a good scent behind.

How to use them?

•    Grout cleaning – Mix water, vinegar, and lemon juice. Take an old toothbrush and scrub away to take care of all your grout.
•    Oven cleaning – Mix one part baking soda with one part water till you get a paste substance. Spread in the oven and scrub for better results.
•    Upholstery cleaning – Mix some vinegar with olive oil and you get a brilliant furniture polish. Add an essential oil as well and it will smell great!
•    Drain cleaning – Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow up with a cup of vinegar. Wait a minute or two and then add half a litre of boiling water.
•    Glass / Window cleaning – Mix water with vinegar or rubbing alcohol. You can also add an essential oil to add a scent. Stir and spray and wipe, and you are done.

Eco-friendly cleaning will provide a better environment, a much healthier one where you can live without fearing any pests, any pollution risks, or any health risks. If you practice it often, you will have a better time spent at home – and sometimes even an easier time spent home cleaning. Many of the products can be found in your kitchen and you won’t even have to leave the house and make purchases.

Gather all the products needed for green cleaning and make use of them in any of the ways described above. You can learn a lot about the ingredients you use and you will be able to create a variety of cleaners out of basic elements. And then their application will become a real joy and something you could look forward to. Mix the elements, apply the cleaner to whatever you need cleaning, wipe diligently and you will soon have the cleanliness level you desire.

Now go and enjoy your new green cleaning!

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