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How to Deep Clean your Bathroom in Islington
20Jun 2014

bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms are necessarily one of the most-used rooms in your house in Islington. And by their very nature  they also have a tendency to be one of the dirtiest places in the house. People use a bathroom to make themselves clean – and in doing so leave behind traces of soap, shampoo, gel, hair, skin cells – all manner of things which after time build up and will need removing. Of course, as with all cleaning, prevention is the best cure, but if somehow your bathroom does get into a state where it requires a deep clean, the good news is that there is a very straightforward way of doing it. And neither does it require masses of money to be spent on expensive cleaning products. If you invest in one or two basic items, then you will probably find the rest in your kitchen cupboards.

cleaning tools

Firstly, you will need to think about your preparation. Gather your cleaning things together; you will need bleach, a disinfecting product, a good old feather duster, a scrubber, a toothbrush, anti-bacterial wipes, a broom and a mop. Borax is also a good idea, and you can make a solution of vinegar and water to use, plus bicarbonate of soda. Also make sure you have three containers as well; one for rubbish, another for bathrooms items and one for non-bathroom items.

bathroom clean

Your first stage will be to clear all of the products out of the bathroom in your home in Islington, N1and into their respective containers. Then remove all curtains, blinds, rugs, mats and shower curtain if applicable. These will all need to be cleaned separately. Then, turn your attention to the walls. These should be dusted down carefully, reach into all corners and crevices and along the door and window frames. You can also disinfect if needed. Ensure the vent and fan fixtures are clean. Wash the window frame and sill with a damp cloth soaked in disinfectant. Wash the windows down and dry carefully to minimise smears. For shower screens (if you have one), use a stiff brush and scrub down thoroughly to remove any residue. Pay attention to the light fixtures, each one should be cleaned and dried.  Any glass light covers should be removed and washed in mild, soapy water very carefully and left to dry naturally. Once dried they can be polished with a scrunched-up newspaper – a time-honoured cheap tip for making that glass shine.

tub cleaning

If you have shelves in your bathroom in the NW1 region make sure they are first wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes and then dusted. For taps (and any small nooks and crannies) use a toothbrush and scrub around them until any trace of residue is removed. A toothbrush dipped in bleach can also be used to scrub mould off tile grout. A weaker solution of bleach and water can be used to wash mildewed shower curtains, if required. For the actual shower head itself, it should be removed and soaked in diluted vinegar overnight. For real limescale build-ups use a stiff brush to remove them if needed and rinse well before re-attaching.

mirror cleaning

A cheap way of polishing glass is to use scrunched-up newspaper. And to remove dust from any blinds and shutters you should put damp old socks on your hands and run them gently along the surfaces. An old-fashioned feather duster is an excellent choice for reaching those high-up cobwebs. By following these simple steps you can ensure that your bathroom in Islington is sparkling clean in next to no time!

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