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Easy and Simple To Follow Tips For After Party Cleaning in Shepherds Bush
23Jun 2015

after party cleaning

A party in Shepherds Bush can be a nightmare to clean up after. You can never be sure what you’re going to find, what’s going to be damaged, stained or dirty and if the party got particularly messy, you’d better be prepared to do some major house cleaning.

1.    Get to it as quickly as possible.
Although it may be hard, you may be nursing last night’s hangover or just generally be feeling a little worse for wear, it’s imperative that you start the after party clean up job in Shepherds Bush, W12 as quickly as possible. If you keep putting it off saying that you’ll complete it at a later date, it will allow time for stains to become deep set, unpleasant odours to get worse and any food stains and spillages to become hard and crusty, making them very difficult to remove.

house clean

2.    Tidy up!
Walk around your house with a bin bag disposing of any plates and cups and other obvious bits of rubbish. As you’re doing this, keep an eye out for any problems, such as carpet stains, marks on your wall, rips in your upholstery, so that you can get to these problems first.

carpet cleaning
3.    Open windows.
Give those nasty smells an escape route by opening every window in your house in the W11 district. Open them as soon as you start home cleaning and keep them open for the duration of the cleaning process.

stain removal
4.    Keep a look out for any stains and marks on your carpets or furniture.
After a party, it’s almost inevitable that there’s going to be some sort of stain or spillage on your upholstery or carpet in W12. Don’t freak out because there are plenty of things that you can do to rectify the situation. When carpet cleaning, get yourself a stain removal powder or another similar type product, follow the instructions and apply to the affected area. Leave for an hour or so and then vacuum away. Powders are much better than creams or carpet shampoos, because used incorrectly, shampoos may cause the stain to spread and in any case, you’ll have to spend a lot of time waiting for the area to dry before you know whether or not it’s had any effect. Whichever product you use, be sure to test it out on a small corner of your carpet first, so that you can be sure that it won’t adversely affect the carpet material or cause the colour to fade. When upholstery cleaning, blot the affected area, then gently wipe with a damp cloth or some baby wipes. If the covers are removable, this is even better; give them a wash in your washing machine or take them to your local dry cleaners.

kitchen cleaning
5.    Kitchen cleaning.
It’s likely that during the party in Shepherds Bush, a lot of food would have been eaten, drinks would have been drunk and all of this would have been prepared in the kitchen. But of course people were having too much fun to worry about cleaning up after themselves and rightly so! But now  you’re left with a huge mess to sort out the next day, so get started as soon as possible. Dispose of any paper cups and plates and put your cutlery and kitchen essentials into the dishwasher. Next, scrub every surface using a mild detergent and water solution. Scrub hard to get rid of crusty, hardened bits of food and then wipe down with some clean water. Your sink can be cleaned in pretty much the same way. Fill your sink with warm water, squirt in some washing up liquid and then gently begin scrubbing. Do this for about ten minutes and your sink will glisten!

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