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Cleaning Your Patio in Hampstead Effectively In 5 Steps
02Sep 2014

patio cleaning

Cleaning the patio is something that only tends to be done once a year, especially in the British climate! You will find however, that cleaning your patio in Hampstead properly once gives you a wholes summer’s worth of use, so it is very much worth it. You will find that ensuring that you are doing the job effectively lengthens the amount of time that it stays looking nice for, so why bother getting a professional cleaner I, when you can do it yourself? You will need a few items for the patio cleaning, just as you would the normal floor cleaning, though the actual cleaning itself needs to be done with a specialist bit of kit called a pressure washer. Alongside the pressure washer you will need a thin stick, a bin bag, a brush and perhaps a trowel. Pressure washers can be rented form cleaning contractors, or even garden cleaning services. You can buy fairly cheap ones, but given that they are only used a couple of times a year for this use, it is rarely worth it. Cheap pressure washers will often do a pretty half hearted job, meaning that it takes you a lot longer than it should do. An expensive pressure washer is only really worth spending a few hundred pounds on if you are going to use it a lot, which may be the case if you wanted to use it for cleaning your car or other household items.

jet washing
Step 1.
Clear the patio of your house in Hampstead, NW3. You will find that the pressure washer can be pretty dangerous when it comes up against certain materials like soft wood, plastic and painted materials. You need to give yourself free reign of the patio, just as you would if you were doing the carpet cleaning as part of the house cleaning. This process is just the same, but with a much more high powered cleaning tool.

weed control
Step 2.
Take your thin stick, and dig up any weeds that are poking out from between the slabs. Make sure that you get the weeds from the root, as this will prevent them growing back immediately, and ensure that you are able to keep your patio weed free for as long as possible. Deposit the weeds in the bin bag, so that they are not going to mess up the beds around the patio.

cleaning stone slabs
Step 3.
Blast the slabs with the pressure washer. You will find that it is not the fastest of work, and being too hasty can leave mixed results. The optimum distance from the slab is about ten centimeters; too close and you risk scoring the patio with lines, too far, and the dirt won’t be removed that easily.

patio cleaners
Step 4.
The dirt will have been blasted form the slabs, and settled in the water that is left form the pressure washing. Once the water has dried out, you will find that there is a fine layer of dusty dirt left on the top of the slabs. This dirt will not be engrained in the slabs like it was before, and you will be able to sweep it away easily with your brush.

cleaning patios
Step 5.
Once you are happy that the dirt is swept away, put some weed killed between the slabs, and replace everything that you had removed in order to clean the patio. Your outdoor space in Hampstead should be ready to spend all summer on, providing that the British weather does not force you to do otherwise!

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