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A Quick Guide to Office Cleaning in Ealing
29Apr 2015

office cleaning

A cleaner working environment is directly related to the level of productivity. As an employee where would you rather work: in a neat and clean office space in Ealing, or in a messy one? What impression would present or prospective clients receive about a business if its office is not even shipshape? The correlation between cleaning an office and increasing productivity is palpable.

However, office cleaning differs from standard house cleaning in several ways. Sufficient ventilation, proper lighting, controlling exposure to dust, dirt, mould or toxic substances are all the more critical in offices in Ealing, W5, especially in the industrial settings where exposure to hazardous elements is higher.

In this article you may find some useful tips that can help you maintain a cleaner, more productive office.

office cleaners

•    Make cleanliness a part of the office dynamics
Many workers often eat at their desks, but the number of workers who frequently clean their desks is significantly lower. Similarly, employees often store their food in the refrigerators in the office pantry, and heat their food in the oven. But often times several days, if not weeks, pass before the kitchen is cleaned.

Urging employees to clean their desks regularly can considerably increase cleanliness in your W3 office. Equally important is kitchen cleaning. Simple rules such as never leaving open containers in the refrigerators can be beneficial.

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•    Incorporating personal hygiene and common courtesy
Implementing simple measures such as installing hand sanitizer dispensers, trash cans, recycle bins, dust bins etc. across the office will help significantly in keeping the workspace neat and clean. Having noticeable signs over the sanitizer dispensers and the various waste bins may encourage workers to use them.

Additional measures that can be undertaken include strategic location of the smoker’s lounge away from the working area, having adequate distance between the rest rooms and the break room and the pantry.

kitchen cleaning

•    How to handle sensitive workplaces
The location of restrooms, pantry, break rooms, employee lounge and smoker’s lounge is critical to maintaining the cleanliness in the standard workplaces in the W5 region. However, if the workplace has the presence of hazardous substances then additional measures obviously need to be taken to maintain the workplace’s integrity. For instance, in a printing press several toxic dyes and other chemicals may be present.

•    Don’t wait till it’s too late
Waiting for spring cleaning to reorganize a cluttered workplace may have dire consequences in this case. Seeking the help of professional cleaners in Ealing regularly is highly advisable, especially for large offices.

commercial cleaning

•    Optimize the office space for productivity
Employees like to have picture frames with family pictures on their desks; they may also like to have some toys or other personal paraphernalia. But in the process of personalizing their desks, they may end up cluttering it. Reducing the number of items on desks can help declutter and improve the work environment.

Keeping the office library clean is equally important, especially in offices such as those of law firms. But books, computers and desks often lay in libraries and reading rooms of offices for months collecting dust. Regular dusting is thus advisable. Cleaning contractors may be hired if the libraries are large.

Sofas and rugs are notorious for being dirty. Underneath the sofa cushions one can find embedded dirt. Rugs collect dust from the shoes of the people who come into the offices, and stains from the number of things that get spilt on them. It is best to call in carpet cleaners for carpet and upholstery cleaning every six months.

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Seeking help from a good cleaning service
Efficient cleaning companies are critical to maintaining clean offices, particularly fairly large-sized ones. Their hectic work schedule makes it difficult for the employees to clean their workspace. If hiring a fulltime janitorial staff is not feasible, then cleaning agencies can prove to be a good alternative choice.

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