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A Guide To Successfully Removing Builders Dust From Your Home in Swiss Cottage
27Mar 2015

after builders cleaning

Having a construction company in to make adjustments to your home in Swiss Cottage can be an exciting time, and the final results can leave your house looking beautiful. Unfortunately one downside to having renovation works done is the difficult task of cleaning the dust left behind by builders. Post-construction clearing up is a real challenge for many homeowners, as the builders leave behind such an unprecedented amount of fine dust which somehow manages to find its way into almost every corner of the property and it can take days or even weeks to remove. If the construction works were throughout the whole or most of your property, then it is in your best interests to hire professional cleaning services to provide your home with a proper builders cleaning. However, if you simply had a kitchen extension or built an extra bathroom then there are some methods you can use to banish construction dust from your home for good.

floor sweeping

Know what not to do
It’s important to remember not to try and remove the dust and debris simply by sweeping. If any large pieces of building materials such as plaster have been left behind, then you can sweep these up and dispose of them, but this won’t work with the layer of dust left behind by builders in your home in Swiss Cottage, NW3. Sweeping can cause large deposits of dust to float up into the air and find another surface to settle on. Dust is very persistent and will stubbornly settle on every available space of your home. This will of course end up with you in a constant battle of attempting to remove the dust, so steer clear of this method of removal. Another cleaning technique to avoid at all costs is mopping. Attempting to mop your dusty floors will only wet the dust, creating a paste-like texture. This will simply spread the dust around rather than remove it, and your floors will be left with unappealing streaks and marks.

vacuum cleaning

Vacuum the floors
The best way of removing residing dust from the floor is to use a vacuum cleaner. This is effective for both carpeted and non-carpeted floors in homes in the NW6 region. It will take quite a while to vacuum up most of the dust, and you may need to go back over it several times, but it is the fastest method of removal and eventually, the dust on your floors will be under control. Remember to pay extra attention to the filter, if your vacuum has one, as it will fill up fairly quickly and will need regular emptying.

house cleaning

Inspect every inch
Builders dust covers every surface in the property in Swiss Cottage, so don’t just look down to the ground when you are clearing it up; thoroughly inspect your home, from top to bottom. If dust has landed on window sills, ledges or other small surfaces, then the best way to remove it is to apply the smallest nozzle to the hose of your vacuum and squeeze it into all the tight nooks and crannies. If you have a small, handheld vacuum then this would be perfect for cleaning up these small spaces. Once you have sucked up as much dust as possible, moisten a soft cloth and use this to gently clean any residing dust particles that the vacuum didn’t catch. Use this same damp cloth method to clean up the walls and other vertical surface. For hard to reach, high up areas of walls and coving, secure the damp cloth around the brush of a broomstick and use this to remove the dust. Be thorough with your after builders cleaning for best results.

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