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5 Fantastic Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for Busy Professionals
04Sep 2015

kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is often seen as the hassle you have to undertake, especially when you have had people around and they have left a mess! It becomes even more of a headache when you are a busy professional and you don't have either the time or the energy to clean everything by the end of it. You could just have a cleaning company come around and clean up everything for you, however with these five easy steps, you will have your kitchen cleaning done in absolutely no time. Cleaning is made simple especially when you know what you are doing and when you can break it down into different modules.

1) The most challenging part of cleaning a kitchen is feeling like you are overwhelmed. The best way to tackle this feeling is to make a list of everything that needs cleaning. When you have a list, you have a better chance of getting everything done. Tackle things like oven cleaning first as it is the most difficult and takes up the most of your time. Oven cleaning can be done using an oven cleaning spray or baking soda mixed with vinegar to form a paste. It totally depends on how much time you have.

oven clean

2) When you are thinking of cleaning up the microwave, simply get a bowl of water and stick it in for around 2 minutes. The rays of the microwave itself will ensure that the water is steaming and it leaves the microwave covered in steam. This means that the inside of the microwave will be much simpler to clean and all the challenging food stains will be easier to wipe off rather than scrape off. This is a great tactic to help you save time, especially when you are in a hurry.

cleaning the microwave

3) When you are looking to clean the stovetop, it is imperative that you spray it with a cleaning solution and leave it there for at least half an hour. It is easier if you have an electric stove, however if you have a gas one, all you need to do is take off the burners first. Take off the burners and clean them with a wet cloth and set them aside. Carefully spray the rest with the solution and endeavour that you don't get it into any dangerous spots. Cleaning your stove will be a lot easier in the future if you have a gas stove and you put foil over it to cover it up.

stove cleaning

4) Kitchen cleaning also includes all your white goods and appliances. For tasks like cleaning the inside of your fridge, start with cleaning all the shelves out and throwing out any food that has gone off. Next, take a damp cloth and wipe down the fridge. You can turn it off for a while if there is nothing perishable in it and air it out. That is always wise, especially when you haven’t cleaned the fridge for a few months.

clean fridge

5) If there are stains on the walls, which are very common when you cook, you can use baby wipes which won't take off any of the paint or the wallpaper. Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth just as you would for any appliance.

house cleaners

When you use the five tips listed above, your kitchen cleaning will become rather simple and easy. It will also leave you with time to do more things rather than wondering and feeling overwhelmed with how to do everything in one go!

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