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What to Clean Last Before Moving Out in Pimlico
28Mar 2014

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When it comes to leaving a property in Pimlico, it can often be the case that you want to ensure that the home is as clean as possible before you go. If you rent, this could be because you wish to get the maximum amount of your security deposit returned, if you are moving out of a house that you have owned, it could be a matter of pride and wanting to make sure that the new owners find the property in the best possible condition. Whatever the reason for your decision, once you have decided to go on a deep clean of the home, the figuring out which part of the house to clean last will be an important decision. There are a number of ways which you can approach the problem and each have their pluses and benefits.

For most people, starting with the easy jobs before moving to the harder ones will be the natural choice. When it comes to house cleaning in Pimlico, SW1, not all tasks are created equal, with some noticeably easier than others. So when it comes to approaching the problem of what to clean first and last, many people prefer to ease themselves into the process with the simpler chores in order to allow themselves a period of ‘bedding in’, so to speak. Getting used to the task at hand by getting some of the early task out of the way can help you work your way through the list of requirements quicker.

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However, some professionals prefer to take the opposite route. By getting rid of the more difficult and tiring tasks early in the operation, they know that the rest of their day is only going to get easier. If you have the energy to burn at the beginning of the house cleaning operation, then this approach might favour those who are willing to dive in head first and take on the toughest jobs without needing any introduction. For those who are expert house cleaners, this approach might favour their expertise.

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If you are leaving the house, then it is likely that you will not need to spend too much time in any of the rooms beyond the important ones. As such, taking an approach which cleans the least used rooms first can allow you to get those out of the ay early on and then only focus on the most important rooms last. This means that, as you leave the home , you are only required to clean up those last few steps and you can rely on the fact that the rest of the rented property in the W1 region is already cleaned.

end of tenancy cleaning

For those in the middle of packing, it might even be easier to clean as you pack. The ability to take everything out of the way presents an easy opportunity to get in to those awkward spaces and clean, and most end of lease cleaning relies on the property being empty. As such, cleaning as you pack allows you to combine two chores in the hope of saving time.

bathroom cleaning

For truly expert property cleaning solutions, the experienced cleaners will approach the property in Pimlico not on a room by room basis, but on the basis of which jobs will allow them to accomplish their job in the most efficient manner. It might be all well and good to mop the bathroom, but if you have to re-enter later in the day, you run the risk of undoing all your good work. If you are finding the cleaning process difficult, and that it interferes with your efforts of moving home, then you might be better off considering hiring in professional end of tenancy cleaners in order to get the best job possible.

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