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How to Go About Rug Cleaning in Croydon
18May 2015

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Rug cleaning in Croydon can be a tricky task. Many of us have rugs to add colour and comfort to our rooms and these can attract high levels of dust and grime. When undertaking house cleaning it is essential that rugs are remembered and cleaned when dirty. It is, however, important to follow a proper process when cleaning your rugs yourself to avoid damaging them.

Here is a brief description on how you can undertake this task at home instead of sending your rug to a professional cleaning contractor.

1)     Preparation
Firstly hoover the rug thoroughly. It is especially important you give the hoover time to lift any debris from it, making sure you remove as much dirt and hair as possible. Take time doing this, vacuuming thoroughly along every part of the rug in your home in Croydon, CR0. Lay the rug out on a decorators’ plastic sheeting, preferably outside but if inside make sure everything vital is covered with plastic. This is to protect the area from water and detergent.

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2) Cleaning
Mix the rug detergent as advised on the bottle or if you are using a dish washing detergent, you should mix approx 100mls in a whole bucket of warm water. Fill the bucket with the water first and then add the detergent to avoid over foaming. Test a discreet small area of the rug first to make sure that the chosen product does not damage the rug fibres in any way. If there are no problems on the small area then you can continue using either the brush or sponge working the detergent into every area of the rug. Rub in a circular motion to get the detergent deep into the fibres. Change the water and rinse. Using your squeegee, drag whilst applying pressure downwards, in the direction of the rug fibres, to remove as much excess water as possible.

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3) Other Methods
Along with detergents, you can also use things like a steam mop to lift dirt and grime in your home in CR2. It may not be as effective as a cleaning machine, but it doesn’t use chemicals and is better for allergy sufferers. There are also dry foams that can be vacuumed off after a short while. This is a good idea if you don’t have time to let the rug dry.

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4) Drying
Lay the rug completely flat to dry; turning it over only once one side is dry. Once it has dried either vacuum again or loosen fibres using the brush as they may have become compacted during the washing procedure. If your rug has not dried within twelve hours there is a risk of mould spores forming which will smell so it’s advisable to do this outside on a sunny day if possible to aid with fast drying. If this is not possible, the squeegee will become the most important step so remove as much excess fluid as possible. It is also important that rugs in the CR0 region are not washed unnecessarily; wash your rug only when it is dirty to prevent damaging its fibres.

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5) Cleaning Services
There are many cleaning services, which employ professional cleaners that will be able to clean your rug in Croydon for you if you find this process too difficult. However, they charge fees for this so it would definitely be much more economical to try it yourself. Cleaning services will do it more quickly, but never more cheaply, so it is important to factor things like this into your decision. It may be a more cost-effective option to use the cleaning service to do a full spring clean along with doing the rugs.

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