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How To Clean Stuffed Toys in Wimbledon
06Jan 2014

cleaning stuffed toys

Stuffed toys lying around your home in Wimbledon can mean the world to your children. They’ve been there for as long as they remember and they will more than likely get very upset when they are no longer around. This is exactly why you should try and maintain their quality for as long as possible. Stuffed toys aren’t really something that you can just pick up from watching your parents like any other chore because you never really see them do it. Stuffed toys harbour a lot of bacteria in their lifetime from sticky fingers, being dropped on the floor and who knows what else. There are a lot of reasons why you should clean stuffed toys regularly. There are the obvious ones about bacteria build up and how unhygienic the toy becomes; there is also the quality of the toy becoming compromised. As time goes on, naturally the quality of the toy will decrease but by keeping it clean, you actually prolong the life of the item dramatically. As well as all of these reasons, there is also the odour particles that get trapped in the fur, causing the toy to smell very unpleasant.

toy cleaning

Every week or so, you should clean the surface of toys in your home in Wimbledon, SW19 to stop the build-up of bacteria and dust. Using a nozzle attachment on the vacuum, you can suck up any large particles up and out of the toy. Remember however, to be careful of any lose ties or delicate accessories so you don’t vacuum them and do more damage than good. Any liquid that gets dropped on the soft toy should be removed immediately so it doesn’t stain. You can do this by using a damp cloth to dab the mark away. Do not under any circumstances try and rub the stain out as you will just rub it in more. After all of this, it’s highly recommended to brush the fur of the toy. If any sticky substances are within the fibres they can be easier removed if brushed out first. If trying to get rid of a stain, always remember to test it on a small, well hidden area on the stuffed toy.

washing stuffed toys

Every now and again you should give stuffed toys a deeper clean. Before you go about this, make sure you check any labels on the toy to see what you can and can’t do. Before washing any toy, any damages must be fixed and stitched up in case of further damage cause by the washing treatment. Always pre-treat stains and get them out as best you can before an attempt of a deeper clean. For machine washable toys, wash on a warm heat (but not hot) and remove any detachable parts. Let the stuffed toy air dry, tumble drying these toys may end up damaging and shrinking the toy so dry in a well-ventilated place in your home in the SW20 area. The larger the toy, the longer it will take to dry and in some cases this is a few days. After removing from the dryer, brushing the fur while still wet ensure that the fur doesn’t knot or tangle and leaves a soft texture when dried. Old, delicate and deeply worn toys shouldn’t be put into the washing machine; instead you should just use upholstery cleaner to clean it.

clean toys

So as you see, stuffed toys are very simple to clean and you don’t need to take time out of your day to specifically wash them (unless of course you want to). For surface cleans you can vacuum them as you clean the floors in your home in Wimbledon and for a wash, you can put them in with your delicates.

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