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How To Choose The Best Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning Company in Richmond
04Mar 2014

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It’s an inconvenient fact of life that the carpet cleaning services community is home to the occasional cowboy carpet cleaner, even in Richmond. It’s a shame that an industry which can have such a positive impact on people’s lives attracts charlatans and con artists, but it happens. However, there are lots of very good carpet cleaning firms out there – you just have to take the time to look, and know exactly what to look for. There are many telltale signs and dead giveaways which will allow you to discern the worst carpet cleaning agencies with the best carpet cleaners – and, because we’re in a giving mood, we’ve decided to compile a brief guide to help you choose the best carpet cleaning business – and avoid the hucksters!

For a start, it all comes down to references. Upholstery cleaning firms in Richmond, TW9 can make immense claims for themselves – and they may be true, or untrue. But you don’t really have any way of knowing whether there’s any validity to their assertions, unless you check their references. The best upholstery cleaning firms will be forthcoming and direct if you ask them for references, and supply you with a comprehensive list of recent clients, with contact details. It really is worth investing the time to test a cleaning firm’s mettle before you hire cleaners to clean your carpets.

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Once you have their references in your possession, you’ll be able to deduce what type of experience they have, and see whether and how this is applicable to your needs. In truth, the volume of great references a carpet cleansing company has is actually secondary in importance to what sort of references they have. If they haven’t cleaned a carpet like yours before, you can’t be sure they’ll be able to – it’s that simple, and it’s very important. Similarly, if they haven’t worked on the type of stains which blight your carpet, it’s uncertain as to whether they’ll be able to perform an adequate job on your specific problem.

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It’s very important, too, that you make enquiries as to which cleaning technology and products a cleaning firm employs in their cleaning work. The best upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaners will use top of the range, branded cleaning products and high-tech cleaning machines. Generic industrial cleaners might save cleaning companies (and, by extension, you) a few quid, but they can be damaging to your carpets; they can dry out the fibres and even leave stains of their own! It’s simply not worth the minor financial saving to go the cheap option – and a good carpet cleaning business will understand this too.

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It might not seem that significant in the scheme of things, and it might not tell you about how good an upholstery cleaning business’s actual cleaning skills are, but... customer service quality is something you should be concerned about. The respect, attention and care cleaners operating in the TW10 area exhibit in their dealings with you, even if over the phone, are a clear indicator of the respect, attention and care they will invest in your cleaning needs. If they’re even slightly rude, or you get the impression they’re just after your money, give them the heave ho. The best carpet cleaning services are genuinely dedicated to delivering you the best experience possible, and their enthusiasm for their trade and craft will definitely extend to how they deal with you.

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We’ve made it our mission in this article to ensure you can secure the best cleaning services possible in Richmond. Whether you are in need of upholstery cleaning services or carpet cleaning services, we’re certain this guide will be helpful –why not put our recommendations to the test today?

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