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End of Tenancy Cleaning in Westminster Made Easy
15Oct 2013

end of lease cleaning

When it comes to leaving an apartment in Westminster, there is often a whole load to think about that means that cleaning the place will be the last on your list of important things to do. In reality however, if the place is not left in a professionally cleaned state, then you could be liable to lose a decent chunk of the deposit that you put down at the beginning of your tenancy. This can be a couple of hundred pounds if you are not careful, so it is wise to look in to getting the place looking properly cleaned before you hand the keys over. Before you start cleaning, or you pay a load of cash for a professional clean, have a word with the landlord to see what areas of the property they are looking at when they evaluate how clean the place is. If you show an interest in retaining your complete deposit, then they cannot try and trick you out of it by finding dirt where you would rarely look for it. The landlord may also have plans to renovate the place after you leave, with redecoration or even building work, in which case you will not need to clean the place, as it will only be ruined by the works that are undertaken.

tenancy cleaners

If you do have to get the place feeling spotless, it is often worth getting a professional cleaner in, as there can be a lot going on around the time that you move out of the property in Westminster, SW1, and having one less thing to worry about can be a real relief. The fact of the matter is, cleaning things yourself can always be a risk, as you will not know until the job is done whether you have done a good enough job, and by the time that this has been decided, it will be too late to amend. This means that there is a possibility that you will end up doing all of the work, but still losing some money, which would obviously be a real kick in the teeth. Getting a professional cleaner who services the W1 area in and showing the receipt for the work done to the landlord or estate agent will mean that you are in a great position to challenge any demands for part of your deposit on the grounds that you have had the rented property professionally cleaned as the contract requires.

stain removal

if you are determined to do the clean on your own, then you should be wary of the marks and stains that you cannot get rid of that may detract from your final cleanliness. If these marks were there before you arrived then you should relay that information to the landlord, preferably with pictures from the date you moved in to establish this as fact. If you have not taken such pictures as evidence, then it is perhaps worth emailing a reminder to ensure that you will not be billed for these issues. Leave the cleaning until after you have moved your items out of the house in Westminster, as cleaning the shell of a flat will be a lot easier that when it is full of furniture. Also, removing this furniture will reveal a lot of dust, that will settle and need to be vacuumed up again, so don’t make extra work for yourself! Be sure to cover every inch, and do not forget to clean the fridge and the oven extremely thoroughly, as these are often neglected and are a prime place for the landlord to take money from.

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