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Do Some Spring Cleaning To Give Your Home in Balham A Sparkling Finish
13Mar 2015

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning in Balham doesn’t have to be limited to the months of March, April and May as its name may suggest. Leave your house cleaning to these three months, and you’ll be left with an enormous workload that can be easily avoided if you split your home cleaning into manageable chunks and tackle it ever so often throughout the year. So be smart about your cleaning, and use some of these hints and tips in order to get your house clean and keep it looking fabulous all year round.

1.    Approach your cleaning systematically.
Don’t spend hours and hours trying to tackle everything in one go, because that’s when you’re likely to get bored and listen to that little voice in your head telling you to pack it in and leave it for a another day. Instead, do little and often, which will make the process a whole lot easier to handle. Start off by taking care of those hard to clean areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, before moving onto other areas around your house in Balham, SW12.

house cleaning chores

2.    Use detergents and sanitise.
Get your hands on a relatively strong disinfectant or detergent to clean your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Squirt inside your sink, leave it to settle for a few minutes, and then give it a good hard scrub before rinsing off to make your sink spotless.

sanitise cleaning home

3.    Clean your equipment!
This may seem obvious to some, but many people forget  to clean their equipment before they use it again! This will only serve to increase your workload and make the job a great deal harder, so do yourself a favour, and spend a few minutes sorting out your equipment at the end of every clean. Wring out your mops and scrubbing brushes before leaving them to sit in a warm soapy water solution for a few minutes. Then wring out all the water again until they’re bone dry and keep them somewhere where they’re not likely to gather dust and dirt before your next clean. Sponges can be cleaned by simply zapping them in the microwave, on high heat for about a minute or so, which will eliminate bacteria and enable them to be reused. If tattered and falling apart, don’t cling onto them; these general type products are readily available from most stores and are relatively cheap to purchase, so if need be it is well worth getting yourself some new equipment. The maintenance of your equipment, cleaners and products is essential for a good and efficient clean in your home in the SW11 area, so bare this in mind after your next clean.

cleaning equipment

4.    Get swept away with the job!
Sweeping your floors and carpets is a quick and easy way to get rid of any dust and dirt clinging to your floor surfaces. Using a clean sweeping broom, sweep from the edges of your room into the centre, so that any dirt can be easy picked up at the end. If your hard flooring is particularly dusty, use a mop and dampen with some water before sweeping your floors  from top to bottom. Dust sticks to water like glue, so this is a fantastic technique for getting rid of any hard to see dust and dirt.

floor cleaning

5.    Keep an eye out for any stains and marks on your upholstery.
Blot at any stains before getting an upholstery cleaner to clean your specific type of fabric. If you’re having trouble with your upholstery cleaning, it’s well worth calling up a cleaning company in Balham and using the cleaning services of a team of professional cleaners to sort out everything that you can’t.   

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