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Bathroom Cleaning in Finchley - Not For The Feint-Hearted
13Dec 2013

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Whilst some rooms in your house in Finchley are pretty easy to clean, the bathroom and the kitchen are always pretty difficult. You will find that in order to get the bathroom looking really great, you need to spend a lot of time in there scrubbing away, and not in the way that you usually do! The bathroom is used for cleaning yourself, and this involves a lot of water, soap and of course dirt! Unfortunately, these three combine to form some seriously hard to remove stains that build up and get really tough to shift. There are many ways in which you can use your bathroom differently to reduce the amount that builds up, which in turn will reduce the amount of cleaning that you have to do. You will also find that changing some of your cleaning techniques will help you out massively with getting the place looking spick and span every time, with less effort overall!

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If you think about it, a lot of the staining in your home in Finchley, N3 is caused by standing water. Water causes water spots, and limescale, as well as dirtying up the grouting between tiles. If you wipe down the surfaces in your shower and sink that get left with standing water on them, then you will reduce the impact of these stains massively. There is no doubting that this is annoying to do when you are busy getting out of the shower and on with your day, but it may well be a lot less annoying than having to clean such things every time you get to cleaning the bathroom! Limescale is notoriously tough to get rid of, and takes a lot of physical effort in cases of large build ups of the stuff! There are many ways in which you can reduce the build up of lime scale and soap scum, but they all revolve around removing it as soon as it gets on the surfaces, which is simply to wipe it away after you are done with the bathroom.

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Many people do not feel that they have the time to be doing such things in the morning, so when it comes to cleaning your home in Finchley, they need an effective method for getting rid of soap scum and lime scale. You will find that cream cleaners help in this respect, but you have to leave them to do their job for a few minutes if you can. The chemicals at work in the cleaning products need time to react with the dirt, to break it down. If you scrub away at it straight away, then you are not letting the chemical help you, and may as well be using water. If you feel like the cream cleaner is not working, try using vinegar. Yes, that’s right, vinegar. The natural acidity of vinegar makes it a great cleaner, and if you are clever it can be used to great effect. You will find that taping a plastic bag around a tap and filling it with vinegar will immerse the tap in the acid, and if you leave it overnight, then tap will simply wipe clean in the morning! The same goes for shower heads; place a clogged head in a bowl of vinegar and leave it for a night, you will find it looking and working as good as new when you pull it out!

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Cleaning the bathroom need not be a pain if you have the right techniques and you treat the room in a way that prevents mess in your home in the N2 area, so get on with it!

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