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Appliance Cleaning - Tips For Tenants in Camden
03Feb 2014

appliance cleaning

Cleaning appliances is a job that most people in Camden hate but although we may not enjoy doing it if it’s done regularly it’s not so difficult. It’s worth making time to do this task, at least once per month to keep the appliances looking fresh and remaining in good condition for much longer.

For tenants who are renting accommodation in Camden, NW1, cleaning appliances may not be at the forefront of your mind, especially if the tenancy contract is fairly short. However, it may be noted on the contract that the tenant has an obligation to do such duties and failing to do so may result in a cut or loss of your initial deposit, so it’s very important you clean those appliances, especially before you move out.

Appliances that should be cleaned before moving out are generally, cookers, hobs, ovens, fridges, freezers, washing machines, toasters, kettles, microwaves and anything else that you may have used in the rented property, which belongs to the landlord.

hob cleaning

You can clean those items yourself fairly easily, simple washing detergent and a clean sponge is enough to wipe down most surfaces and remove any grime that is present, but with hobs, ovens and microwaves you may need to use something a little stronger, to cut through the grease and any burnt or stuck traces of food.

Hiring the professionals!
For those who do not have the time to do a thorough clean of rented appliances you could simply call in a cleaning agency to give the whole rented property a deep clean instead. This can be very beneficial because it saves time for tenant who is moving out and the results are extremely effective. Domestic cleaning companies are not that expensive and prices vary depending what you request. You can opt for a spring clean which tackles windows, doors, flooring, windows and general household duties or go for the deep clean which offers a service to care for the appliances at your property such as the oven, the microwave, fridges, freezers etc and prices for this services generally start around £20.00.

professional cleaners

When looking to hire the services of cleaning agencies ensure that you look for reputable companies. All reputable companies will have insurance which covers damages or loss in case the inevitable did happen. Most people who hire have positive experiences though and are often very pleased with the fast, effective and reliable services provided.

Going green!
Some people prefer to hire eco-friendly cleaning companies. Eco-friendly cleaners in the N1 region only use natural resources to clean homes such as steam cleaning machines and kind to the environment products; this is extremely beneficial to human health as well as the environment as they do not use any harmful chemicals during the process. Although chemical products are not used, the clean is equally effective.

green cleaning

Getting stuck in!
If you have the time, you can do the appliance cleaning yourself, you can either use shop brought products or eco-friendly homemade which will save you money too.

The main ingredients used for eco-friendly products are usually what most households stock in their cupboards anyway. You will need vinegar or white vinegar (which cuts through grease!) baking soda (which works as a natural scrub!) lemon or some kind of citrus (which banishes smells and helps to remove stains!) and some general washing up liquid, a pair or rubber gloves and plenty of elbow grease.

kitchen cleaning

To find out more about homemade natural cleaning resources, search on line and you will be amazed at what you can use around your home in Camden that may already be stocked in your cupboards.

Tip: Cleaning may be considered a chore, but you can make it enjoyable, why not try a little blast of the radio for some motivation, it certainly beats going to the gym!

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