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A Guide to Mattress Cleaning in Ruislip
03Jun 2015

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We nearly spend 7-8 hours each night on our mattresses in Ruislip and if you have not thought of cleaning them yet, you know there is a health hazard waiting to happen. They are the easiest carriers of dust and germs. We have put together some tips and tricks that will help you to keep them clean and germ free.

•    Basic Cleaning Essentials – A mattress cover is a great investment to make in Ruislip, HA4. Not only it is machine washable but it is also a great filter for people with breathing troubles. As far a cleaning essentials go, you can keep the following with you: baking soda, lemon juice, salt, mild cleaning detergents, vacuum cleaner, gloves and microfiber cloth. Home cleaning can be made easier if we have these handy.

removing dust mites

•    Vacuum: When and How – Always vacuum your mattress on both the sides. If you have a steam version, use it on the mattress. Be sure to clean around the edges and sew lines. Make the mattress stand up on the longer side and then clean in longer strokes. Work in overlapping lines and don’t forget to clean the sides as well. Pollen is knows to hide in mattresses, always look for them ahead of time and get rid of them. A clean home in H2 is not a myth if you have a proper vacuum cleaning device.

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•    Deodorise – A familiar pleasant smell can always make you sleep better. If different smells mix together, it will be not so desirable. You may use sprays or essential oils of your choice. The most favoured ones are lavender and lemongrass. They soothe your senses and make you ready for the day ahead. Cleaning is only one part of it, happy fabric is happy health.

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•    Removing the Stains – Try to get hold of the stains as early as you can because once they dry up, they can become troublesome to get rid of. In case there are wine spills, you may use a mix of lemon juice and salt; rub it on the stain and clean it off with a damp cloth. Domestic cleaning is more about working with available ingredients and making the most of them. Liquids like Vanish work best for dried blood stains. They attack the affected area vigorously and get the entire stain out in no time. Use a light scrub with liquid detergent to ease out the stain. For an overall clean experience, sprinkle baking powder on the mattress and let it sit for a few hours. Carefully vacuum off the baking soda and there you have it, a fabulous looking mattress in the HA4 district.

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•    Professional Help – Consult a cleaning service provider in Ruislip who has been in business long enough and can work on your specific mattress type. Request cleaners to sample on a portion of the mattress to check for the strength of the detergent. The use of modern cleaning techniques and specialized cleaning products can restore it to its previous glory. Deep cleaning contracts prove to be a comprehensive package for longevity. Seeking their recommendations can help you to get the best results out of the cleaning companies. They also let you choose a smoke free or noise free or non-invasive cleaning service contract. These can be tailor made to fit your need and pockets.

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Simple everyday measures like cleaning off the stains that very moment, vacuuming regularly and keeping them covered with a suitable cover will make sure your mattresses last longer.

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